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I’m Kesha – Wife and mother to an adorable set of twin preschoolers. Over the past couple of years I’ve been featured as a parenting and lifestyle expert on shows like CBS Better Mornings Atlanta and AMHQ on the Weather Channel

I’ve spent the last couple of years intensely studying natural African American hair and learning what it takes to keep it healthy and encourage growth. I was inspired by my daughter to start this journey as I wanted her to know how to properly care for and truly appreciate her beautiful head of exquisite kinks and coils. 

Everything that I learn, I share here on this site – imparting my knowledge of natural hair care to frustrated moms and dads all across the country. I pride myself on being able to give my peers the tools they need to care for their little one’s specific hair needs, and I’ve made it my goal to help as many parents as I can to love, embrace, and correctly care for their kidz natural curlz.  


Are you a professional hair stylist?

I am not, nor have I ever been a hairstylist.

So why should I take anything you write on this blog to heart?

Because I have one thing to my advantage that most people don’t have: time to do research.

Having had relaxed hair since the age of 6, I began my own natural hair journey only a couple of years ago and became quite intrigued by natural hair and the science behind why it does the things it does.

I am quite blessed to be able to stay at home and run a blog. It affords me the time to do a LOT of studying and fact-finding. My daughter and I are still collectively on our natural hair journey’s and I am using this blog as an outlet to share what I’ve learned with others.

What is you and your daughter's hair type?

My daughter’s hair is a wonderful mix of a 4-a and 4-b hair type. (The majority of her hair is 4-b and she has a small patch of looser, 4-a curls in the back.)

My hair is a true “straight from the motherland” 4-c hair type (lol) with a smattering of 4-a coils right at the nape of my neck. With all of these wonderful hair types to contend with, I feel that I have a great insight into the entire type 4 hair spectrum.

What is the one huge thing you think I should know about taking care of my child's natural hair?

Your journey with your child’s hair is just that: your journey. You’re going to have ups and you’re going to have downs. You can get consultations from stylists and advice from blogs all day, but the big (and sometimes scary) truth is that your journey with his or her hair is all going to boil down to trial and error.

There are, of course, the universal truths about taking care of natural hair. (Like, don’t handle or detangle hair dry, or use a small tooth comb other than for parting the hair for instance.) But your child’s hair is very unique – like a snowflake, if you will; and there is only going to be one formula that will work at making and keeping your child’s hair healthy and primed for growth. That formula is ultimately going to be a formula that YOU create.

In the end, with a little bit of trial, error, time, and patience, you’re going to have a child with a beautiful head of hair; and he or she will love themselves and their exquisite curls just the way they are.



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  1. Paris says:

    Hi Kesha. I am an 11 year old with 4c type hair. My mom washes my hair weekly with motions shampoo and conditioner and uses apple cider vinegar washes. Then puts coconut oil on my scalp. No matter how often she does this, my hair always seems to get dry and brittle. This all started when i went to the dominican hair salon to get my hair straightened for special events. I went there at least 5 times. They got my incredibly thick hair so straight that my mom thought that i got a relaxer, but i only got a blowout. When i washed my hair after 2 weeks when it got straightened I hardly had anymore natural curls, my hair became very dry, and it started breaking of, but it is still long. This was not healthy for my hair so i stopped getting my hair straightened. Do you have and natural growth products or suggestions on what i should do with my dry and damaged hair.

    • Kesha of We Got Kidz says:

      Hi Paris,
      It sounds like you have heat damage. 🙁
      It’s hard to come back from that, but it is possible. You’ll need to do weekly deep conditioning treatments and process the conditioner with heat. I’d try to get your mom to move on from the Motions as that’s a brand that’s designed for women with chemically processed hair. Shea Moisture and Aunt Jackie’s are good inexpensive brands that you can try.

      You also need to do monthly protein treatments if you don’t do that already. The protein will help strengthen your hair strands and keep them from breaking. In the end you may still need a good trim to remove any terribly damaged parts. Remember that it’s better to have healthy short hair then damaged long hair. 😉

    • Nubia says:

      Hi Paris,

      I hope is going well with the information you’re receiving from the Kidz with Curlz blog. I have a 1-year old and I have a LOT to learn. I hope I’m not being intrusive by giving my 2 cents on the matter… Do you wash your girl’s hair with ACV EVERY week or from time to time? I ask because recently, I’ve learned that ACV strips the hair and it may only be necessary if the hair has suffered major build-up. If you’re keeping your little one’s hair clean weekly, I’m not sure that’s enough time to create enough build-up to need a weekly ACV wash. You can try a milder regimen say something like a dantangler or a moisturizing shampoo depending on her needs and then condition and style as normally.

      If you end up trying this, please let me know how it goes for you!!


  2. Shary says:

    I just became a mom a month ago and I wanted to know at what age/time frame do I start using these products on my child’s hair?

  3. Lonniesha says:

    hi my daughter is 15 months and her hair very dry no matter what I put in by the end of the day or a few hours in her hair just soaks it up idk what to do…..her curls never stay curls. They turn into a big frizz ball by the end of the day. Also the back of her hair is very thin I guess from laying on it, idk what to do to get it to grow in and catch up with the rest of her hair……Help!

    • Kesha of We Got Kidz says:

      Hi Lonniesha,

      Do you apply a spritz of water or a water-based leave-in conditioner to her hair before you apply any oils? Have you started deep conditioning her hair (processing with heat) at least every other week? Do you put her hair in protectives styles (braids, twists, cornrows) at least 60% of the time? If you answered “no” to any of those questions, those would be some great places to start in regards to helping your little one retain moisture.

      Up to and around 18 months babies with naturally textured hair can experience hair loss, hair texture changes, and density changes; so her hair being thin in the back is completely normal. If you’d like to help it along, try tucking a satin blanket securely into the sides of her crib/bed and have her sleep on that. Cotton bedding can really do a number on natural hair.

      Good luck! 🙂

  4. Raquel says:

    Hi! I’m new to your blog. I discovered it in looking for tips on how to care for my daughter’s hair. I’ve been natural for 10 years and have Sisterlocks for the past 7 of those years. I’m watched all Kimmaytube vids, I’m familiar with the importance of moisture/protein balance, and I have read The Science of Black Hair Care cover to cover. Yet with all of that I am STILL learning new things from your blog. It is very interactive & organized. So kudos to you! 🙂

    My question is…do you have a link for any protective hair style ideas for my daughter? She’s 12 months old, type 4a (in the front & back) & 4b (in the middle), her hair texture is fine and soft, but she doesn’t have alot of hair. She’s not bald, but she doesn’t have a head full of hair either. Most of the protective styles I’ve seen online wouldn’t work for her simply b/c she doesn’t have the length. Suggestions?

  5. Tarah says:

    Hi Kesha , I just adopted a beautiful girl that is 3c hair type. I am brand new the curly hair world and want to make sure I’m doing everything right.
    At night I sprits with water, leave in conditioner and comb with a wide tooth comb or my fingers. Then I put a silk bonnet on (bright pink of coarse)
    In the morning I put a smooth infusion product , then I deal it with a few drops of dry remedy oil by Aveda.
    Once a week I wash with Avead be curly co wash, and conditioner. As well as a deep conditioning treatment at least every other week.
    Bio mom was white and didn’t take care of her hair at all. So we are trying to get to healthy. The top layer is healthy now, but the bottom still a bit crusty. We have been snipping the ends every 5 weeks to help get the yuck off.
    Anyway, how am I doing? Dose this sound correct to you? Any advice? Thank you so much 😊

  6. Katherine says:

    Hi Kesha,
    My son’s got 4c hair type hair, he’s mixed race white/black african. He’s got kinky , extremely dry hair. I’ve used so many products for kids ( Taliah Waajid, Autie Jackie’s, Dark and Lovely, Africa Kids, Shea butter on it’s own, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Castor Oil and Almond Oil ( for LOC method ) and all of the products do the same job. I detangle then apply the moisturaizer and the hair is lovely , curls are showing up until the hair is dry ( always on it’s own , never used the hairdryer) When the hair is dry , it’s back to where it was – DRYNESS. I’ve noticed that after applying oil ( LOC method) the hair was even worse, it’s like the oil dryes them even more.
    For washing his hair I use Wen by Chaz Dean sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner. It does an amazing job , after rinsing the hair curls looks like from the magazine – until the hair is dry. The rest of sweet almond mint series was not working for him at all. I can’t use it as a leave in conditioner as his head was itchy.
    I don’t know what to use anymore. Nothing seems to be good enough to moisturize my son’s hair. He’s got quite long hair but the dryness shrinks them more then the half of the length.
    I’m desperate for any advise 🙂 We want to have healthy, beautiful, well moisturized hair 🙂 Help us , please 🙂

  7. AnamZia says:

    Hi Kesha,
    My 4 year old daughter have 3a curly hair i trim her hair and it goes wrong haircut and now her hair are growing stright but her new hair growing curly so can you please help me what to do


  8. kendra says:

    i have a 1 year old .with 4b type hair i wash her hair every week or every two weeks. i grease her scalp with blue magic and moisturize it with olive oil moisturizer or pink oil moisturizer after i wash it and use the moisturizer whenever i comb her hair .its not growing as fast as id like it and it cant seem to get enough moisture in always looks dry.what should i do????

  9. Panthea says:

    My four year old had a very dry scalp. I now use prescription shampoo for her scal p and baby oil. Still not working. I have never used a relaxer just differed types of products to try to see what works best and I haven’t found anything yet for her textures her hair is like a SPONGE. When it gets wet or moisture hits it shrinks and will not stretch with out blow drying. Can you suggest any good products?

  10. Nicole says:

    Hello All. My daughter is 6 years old, who has natural hair. I am new to learning about the types of natural hair. I believe my baby may have 4a type hair. She has long hair. However, it becomes dry so easily. We’re also having a problem with breakage. I have been looking into the line Mielle Organics. Has anyone used that line for their girls’ hair, or any other lines that may be worth trying?

  11. Raechelle Gaffney says:

    Hey Kesha,

    I want to know what is a good product to make hair thicker. My 9 year daughter has thin hair just like me and I want to know what can I do to increase the thickness. When she is just puff and natural it looks much thicker than when it is pressed out. Soft as cotton and thin as paper. I just heard of Black Currant oil. Please share your advise. Thanks a bunch!!!

  12. Aasiya says:

    Hi Kesha I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and I’m definitely going through the trial and error stage with her hair. Her hair is 4c type and has some good length so far so I try to braid it to keep it growing at a good pace but now I’m seeing her edges are getting pretty thin. I’ve been using coconut oil on her hair since about one, I think it really helped with her growth especially in the back where the growth was kind of slow. The problem is I can’t seem to find a good shampoo, conditioner moisturizer line that I can use daily for her hair because her hair is dry and brittle like so her pretty styles I do don’t last that long. Please help I feel like I’m tugging at her hair so much and to often I don’t want to hurt my babies hair or her edges for that matter.

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