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10 of the Best All Natural Products to Use on Your Child with Natural Hair

One of the biggest questions that I receive on almost a daily basis is what products I recommend for children with natural hair. The reality is that there is no perfect, “one-size-fits-all” answer that I can give. Since natural hair comes in so many different textures and porosities, the combination of products that you’ll have […]

Length Retention

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4 Homemade Deep Conditioning Treatments for Kids with Natural Hair

  In a previous post I gave the how’s, when’s, and why’s of deep conditioning for children with natural hair. If your child’s hair seems chronically dry and brittle, it’s probably time to incorporate a regular deep conditioning treatment into your child’s hair regimen. A deep conditioning treatment will improve your child’s general hair health […]

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Conditioning, Hair Science

How, When, and Why to Deep Condition Your Child’s Natural Hair

  Around age 1 1/2 or 2, you may want to begin incorporating some deep conditioning treatments into your child’s natural hair care routine. To most “curlys”, deep conditioning will actually become one of the most important steps. The why: It’s a fact that the drier your little one’s hair is, the harder it will […]

Length Retention, Natural Hair Growth

2 Huge Reasons Why Your African American’s Child’s Hair Isn’t Growing, and What You Can Do About It

  It’s been a couple of years and your little one is thriving and developing beautifully. She’s walking strong now, and she’s learning new words every day. The doctor says she’s amazingly healthy and growing wonderfully; but unfortunately… her hair is not. You’ve asked the doctor about it, and she’s said that it’s fine; but […]

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